Berri Estates Induction
Your safety guide

Welcome to the Berri Estates Winery Induction

Below you can see your required training courses and view your progress. Please complete all assigned courses in a timely manner. To begin a training course, click START COURSE.

Each course consists of 2 or more modules containing one or more videos and a quiz at the end of each module. You must watch all videos and complete each quiz to move to the next module. You must pass all quizzes with 100% accuracy to complete the training course.

Data Usage
Watching videos requires data usage so ensure you monitor your data availability or use WIFI to avoid overusing your data. All users are responsible for monitoring their data use and neither Accolade Wines or the producer of the course are liable for any excess data costs or liabilities.

Certificate of Completion 
Once you have completed a course, a copy of your certificate will be emailed to yourself and your supervisor or manager. You can view your completed certificates at any time by clicking on the completed course below.

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