Welcome to the Berri Estates Winery Induction program.

This website provides access to 3 online training modules to help you stay safe at Berri Estates and it is an important resource you can refer back to when you need to refresh your safety knowledge.

For our new vintage team members joining us, you will need to complete an Introduction module and at least one activity specific module on Winery Safety, Lab Safety and Quality Systems.

The Introduction module provides key information and the other 2 modules build further around specific activities that have defined safety steps outlined that you will need to follow. There are also PDF and resource links in each module providing additional information.

Each module will be made up of a video followed by a quiz to test your knowledge and you must pass each quiz to receive certificate of completion.

Once you have completed your inductions, your supervisor or manager will be also notified of your completion. If you have any queries about the induction or need any further assistance, please contact them immediately.