Job Dictionary

The Wine Industry Job Dictionary aims to assist wine industry employers facilitate more effective return to work outcomes after workplace injuries.

The resource tool identifies specific tasks and physical demands of 13 key industry occupations, helping wine industry businesses, employees and service providers (i.e. doctors, rehabilitation providers) understanding of an employee’s pre-injury job and identify suitable duties that can be performed safely.

The quicker and more effectively employers can facilitate a gradual return to the workplace, working with the treating medical doctor and rehabilitation providers to identify suitable tasks, the better it is for both the employee and the business.

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The Administration role is responsible for a variety of office‐based tasks.


The Salesperson is responsible for the sales of wine (or products) at various retail stockists.

Grounds Keeper

The Grounds Keeper is responsible for the overall maintenance and upkeep of the property.


Commonly oversee the entire winemaking process, from grape harvesting through bottling.

Restaurant & events

Restaurant and Events workers help prepare, set up and run hospitality offerings, such as dining, functions and weddings.

Grower liaison

A worker in the role of Grower Liaison Officer has a range of responsibilities relevant to vintage intake of grapes

cellar door sales

Workers in the Cellar Door are responsible for serving customers, providing wine tastings and offering knowledge specific to the winery

Warehouse Operator

The Warehouse Operator role generally involves the receiving and processing of palletised loads into, or going out of, the warehouse.

Laboratory Technician

The Laboratory Technician is responsible for the analysis and quality. assurance of wine, juice and grape samples.

Cellar Hand

The Cellar Hand is responsible for conducting winery related tasks, such as additions, monitoring and wine transfers, as directed by the winemaker.

Bottling Operator

The Bottling Operator is responsible for all tasks involved in supplying, loading, and monitoring goods required during the bottling run.

Vineyard Hand

The Vineyard Hand is responsible for all vineyard tasks related to pruning, spraying, harvesting and maintenance work at the vineyard.

Maintenance Worker

The Maintenance Worker is responsible for fixing, altering and maintaining tools, fixtures, equipment performing routine maintenance checks throughout the winery site.

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