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Managing hazards in a dynamic environment
Wine Industry Safety Induction Course

Would you feel confident inducting a new worker in wine business safety? When you consider the breadth of operations across your cellar door, winery and vineyard, effectively covering all the hazards, risks and controls is a daunting challenge.

The South Australian Wine Industry Association (SAWIA) has taken on this challenge for you, creating a Wine Safety Induction Course, comprising an induction video and follow up quizzes created to engage and make participants think. The 30-minute course covers key hazards, incidents and controls and features interviews with wine industry personnel.

As well as learning about the key wine industry safety hazards and controls, participants receive a certificate of completion, and the business can be notified once completed.

To watch the video, simply click on it.

To access the quiz, please contact SAWIA below to set up a free account for your business so you can add individual workers to the online quiz platform.

Consultation – Creating a safer workplace together

How valuable is consultation between workers and the management of a business?
This video highlights the great relationship between Henschke and their people, showing how they work collaboratively to keep their workplace safe. Their committee is an integral part of their success and this is built on good communication across all parts of the business. Listen to Tim Hackett, QSE manager and Fraser Armstrong, an assistant winemaker explain how they all work together to get great safety outcomes.

Emergency Readiness

Hospitality offerings, such as cellar doors, functions, restaurants and experiences have become very important to many wine businesses.
These sorts of offerings may result in people who may not be familiar with the industry, the business and the area being on site should an emergency occur.

This short video looks at how Wirra Wirra has approached this challenge and enhanced its safety systems.

This resource was produced with the financial support of the South Australian Government.

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